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12 באפריל 2012

We, Noam Gur and Alon Gurman, hereby declare that we will not do that which is been forced on us by the state, and will refuse to join the Israeli army. our refusal comes as a protest action against the oppression and dispossession of the Palestinians by the Israeli army, as a part of the policies of Israel both in the territories occupies in 67 and those occupied in 48. we are committed to the values of equality, liberty and promotion of a just peace, and believe that this policy of occupation and dispossession of Israel towards the Palestinians hurts any possibility for the existence of a just peace and democracy in the region. We emphasise that as long as Israel continues to revoke the collective and individual liberty of the Palestinians, we will continue to act against it’s policies.

The state of Israel controls lands that it occupied in 1948, after ethically cleansing the local population – that included murder, destruction of villages and forceful displacement of sum 700,000 Palestinians, a crime Israel continues to preform to this day as it refuses to act according to UN resolution 194, allowing the refugees to return and/or finding a fair and just solution for the refugee problem it created. The lands occupies in 1967 are under martial law, meaning that the residents leaving there are subject to a military legal and judicial system that functions as a racist Apartheid regime, which includes humiliating treatment, house demolitions, collective punishment, executions without trial, administrative detentions, a wall that steals both land and livelihood, restrictions on movement, settlements and many more.
All of these contradict not only our conscience, but also international law, and create despair in the Palestinian population that deals with this reality day after day, a despair that at times is translated to violence against Israelis.

The freedom of Palestinians living under martial law is very limited, and even more so that of those who choose to resist the occupation in non violent means, who are oppressed by the military judicial system that does not allow them due process, and whose aim is to restrict their rights under the cover of the law.

Our declaration of refusal to collaborate with the occupation is even more important as in the past few years Israel invests millions in an attempt to whitewash its crimes, to hide them behind tall Apartheid walls, and invests in education for racism and ignorance, trying to maintain the status-quo under which youth is unaware of the reality around them, and do not question what they are told.

We wish to call upon the Israeli public to support and join us in our struggle against the Israeli Apartheid policies, by joining the Palestinian non violent popular struggle and the call for Boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, as a way to non violently combat Israels policy out of a deep commitment to the values of liberty and equality, and out of a strong belief that the Israeli policy of occupation and dispossession of the Palestinians, hurts any possibility to change the reality towards and equal society based on Democratic values.

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